The story

What is the secret behind the Company's over 40 years success ? Experience and great determination to move on ,these are the winning features of the our shirt factory and its brands.
The our company brand finds its expression in its production , its originality ,its elegance, its absolute quality, its passion for precious and sophisticated manufacturing and attention given to each detail.
The use of leading technologies and the pursuit of the highest degree of quality derive from the modern approach of the Company to the quality of clothes and of life.
The Company wants to anticipate the demands of the market while remaining faithful to its own style characterised by creativity and good taste.
The main features of Company and product are the constant search for perfection , a deep commitment to modern technologies and style , an uncompromising rigour in terms of quality and particular attention to the demands of the market.
However, fulfilling our ambitions and exceeding them to attain a well-established position will not be the end as the challenge keep growing and our ambitions never stop.